I am a 29year old male from Belgium who just discovered PUA stuff through mystery method. I had trouble getting laid. I read MM and it was a true eye opener: it seemed I was not investing time enough into comfort. I think comfort is pretty confronting and makes me vulnerable, so I always tried to get laid first by the girl and then try to know her better. But although it worked once in a while, most of the time I would get the 'I feel uncomfortable with this, I don't want it to become sexual yet, let's stay friends for a while/I need time"-speech. Which I tried sometimes, but it never worked. So last years when I got that speech I told them "no" and didn't bother anymore.

Another eye opener: Sometimes I would notice some women responded well to what I was saying, and other just were acting plain bored. And I never got why. Now, MM opened my eyes it all depends on her interest level, she needs to be/get interested first before you convey too much interest yourself.

I don't have too much problem with attraction. Although I am on the very short half of average (5'7) I am a shredded beast who is naturally cocky and funny.

So here is my first field report:

Yesterday I went dancing salsa far far away from home after watching a play with my sister. I wanted to go to that salsa party for a short while just to test my new found knowledge and to see 2 of my regular female friends (no, they are not and never will be sexual GF's. I am not attracted to them, although one of them has a reasonably high status).

So I was dancing and having fun. I noticed a cute girl who I shortly met before on a previous party. During that party she thaught me some new moves and asked my name, I asked hers. She told me she was bad with names but she promised she would not forget mine. So I saw her back this evening and this happened
I: "Good evening X"
She:"Damn, you're good... Err... I forgot your name"
I:"You promised me you would not forget it!"
I (smiling): "Ok, I will not talk to you anymore for the rest of the evening.0
She:"Oh no, please don't. I will remember later."
I:"Ok, then I'll talk to you... later"

I went my own way, and everytime we crossed her I gave her an over the top angry look, which would make her smile.

The lady friend, the one with a high status (she's rich, has a pretty face and is one of the best salsa dancers in the club) came to hug me goodbye. The cute girl saw this, and while my lady friend was heading for the exit, she halted her and they were both looking at me and smiling while talking. My lady friend left and the cute girl came to me.

She:"You're name is PUA Bart!"
I: "Oh, no that doesn't count! I saw you asking it!"
She:"But I am so bad with names I gave music lessons to 10 children for a whole year, and I didn't even knew their names at the end of the year."
I:"You're bad. You're bad and mean!"
She:"Yeah I know "
I: "So where do you know my lady friend from?"
She: "She gave me salsa lessons in november of passed year"
I:"Really? She gave me lessons too back then! Which level were you in?"
She:"level 2"
I: "me too!"
She: "Strange I don't remember you"
I: "you keep insulting me You will have to make it up for that! Next party you must ask me to dance with you"
She: "*plays like she's thinking hard with a teasing smile on her face* Hmm, will I make it up with you?"
I: "ok, if it's so hard for you to make it up with me, then I don't even want you to make it up with me." I turned my body slightly away
She: *grabbing both of my shoulders with eyes wide open, trying to convince me to change my mind* "No no! I will make it up with you!"
She: "but honestly, I don't believe you were in that class" (she was right, I wasn't)
I: "Yes I was, ask our mutual friend."
She:"She went home"
I:"Give her a text on her cell"
She:"I don't have it"
I:"Facebook her"
She:"I don't have facebook. Pretty cool huh?"
I:"Yeah, honestly, I think it is."

But then I think I farked it up a little. I started to converse a little about random stuff, and I saw her losing interest and not commiting to the conversation. So I stopped trying as soon as I noticed. And took a few steps away from her and pretended listening to the music. She kept standing by my side but kept her mouth shut. I was getting bored and I yawned. Luckily my other lady friend came to say goodbye and hugged me intensively. While she was hugging me, the cute blonde girl tapped on my shoulder and pointed behind my back. Some other friends were standing there to say goodbye, so it became a groups hug (which excluded her). In the corner of my eye I saw her make her way to the back of the room to her friends.

I went outside to go to my car, and saw my high status lady friend was talking outside the gate with some of her other friends. I grabbed her by the shoulder and said:" you need to lie to someone I was in the same class with her". So we both went to the cute girl. She saw me coming with my lady friend and became very shy (smiling with one hand covering her nose and mouth). My lady friend sold her the lie.
She: "I don't remember"
I turned to my lady friend and playfully said:"she keeps insulting me. Is she always like that?"
I turned back to her: "It's getting late, and I have to drive for more than an hour to get home. You may try and make it up with me next time".
She:"Ok, I will! "

So to conclude: I didn't ask for her number as we kept getting stuck in A2 (but then again, all the parts of interaction with her together only add up to 10 minutes max), and a little bit of A3. And because I did not really qualify her enough, I think getting her number is just getting a flake. En plus: I was l was losing her interest. But at the end she seemde very keen on making it up with me, so I think I can regain her interest. I am sure I will see her again soon, and I will let her chase me first by making it up with me by giving her a few hoops through which she must jump. Afterwards I will qualify her (only if she jumped through my hoops), drop the whole trying her to chase me act and try to get to know her while moving into C1. I think I will actually feel pretty confident moving in to C1 after qualifying her and letting her chase me. I am pretty confident she will then accept me as the person I am. I always felt personally rejected after someone rejected me when I tried to bond with her, that's why I didn't try to get to know someone better the last decade or so. But now I also know this is just a sequence error.

One remark though, I feel like I did a little fark up by trying to keep a conversation going for a (very very) short while. I don't know wether it will have ruined everything though. Any opinions?

What do you guys think. Is this alright for a first time going into the field with my new found knowledge?

Oh yeah, I don't plan to read other stuff than MM (yet). I think it gave me an answer on most of my problems. Which are sequencing mistakes. I know I am pretty naturally gifted per sequence, but I never noticed there had to be an exact order. I justkept asking myself "why did that line work on that girl, and the exact same line gave a very bad reaction with the other girl?". Well plain simple: because the first one was interested and the other one just wasn't, so I came on too soon. Anyway, MM was like all the pieces of a puzzle suddenly fitting.
Another reason why I may want to stick to MM for a while is because I don't want to get confused with too much new info at the same time. I will read other stuff, and then I will ask for your directions on which stuff to read. I already skimmed through some internet columns on the subject but mostly found them confusing or just plain bollocks.