Let me begin by saying that I was a natural when it came to girls through my high school years and early twenties---by natural is that I learned experience naturally through interacting with others. But I was an AFC in many ways because I still had trouble opening girls and so-on. I had A.A. I got into Game to overcome that and to add on to what I already learned. It all began when a few girls and guys recommended the book, The game, to me.

Since then, I frequented the Love Systems forums for about two years making mistakes and getting lays. I've sarged in Taipei and Hong Kong during those times. I've flew under the radar as a player and seduced hot women. But my game remains incomplete since I am still very much a novice.

For the last six months I was with my perfect 10. I only gave her that rating out of forty lays I've had. She was perfect for me. A few days before Christmas I found out she farked my brother during a 3 day break up we had. He exploited the situation when I told him not to and farked her one day later after our temporary break up the next day or something. He is also into game and it has warped his head so much that he sees everything in terms of game. They both hid it from me for three months and I decided to dump her and be single. I've been recovering for about a week. She knew about my previous blog too and that I was a player.

Now here I am. I chose to frequent these forums instead of LS because my identity is secret here. No one knows who I am. My reputation will remain untouched.

Right now, this very moment, I could have two lays if I want---but I'm not in the mood. I have an agenda I want to push out now to prepare myself over the next six months to improve upon my life and become a top notch male. Not that I ain't already, but these are things I've always wanted to do. For now, I'm timing out from Game and seduction to deal with my inner game issues related to what I went through. After the New Year, I plan to get back into it. I just don't want a relationship right now and to invest in making any friends with girls. But I'm fine with going to a club, taking home a chip, farking her and wanting nothing to do with her at the moment because it requires to little care and effort.

I've been spending time sorting out my life. I have many goals. Here are some of them:

- Focus on work. Since I can't drive at the moment, I want to start a p90x routine to get me in top notch shape within 90 days.
- Learn dancing, which is very important for the club scene as well as when I have a girl at home. Dancing and romance go hand-in-hand.
- Learn spanish, french, and mandarin. These are very intellectual and intriquing things. French and spanish are also romantic languages that are known to seduce women with their way of words.
- Learn guitar. Women love musical talent and it is a dhv because it has to do with intellect and talent. Plus the bright side is that it is romantic and makes the girl feel special if I bond with her via music. Nothing better than to take a girl home, set up some candles and play a guitar song to her before I make out with her.

- My place is messy at the moment and is a bit plain, so I plan to add a bunch of lights, candles and romantic related things to spice up the place. I plan to cancel my cable/netflicks subscriptions and pick up some chick flicks and romance movies or whatever to share with whoever I eventually bring over.

- I have some bad debts because I had car loan on my Line Of Credits, so I plan to pay most of it off within the next three to six months.

- Three months from now I'll be better prepared than I am now in terms of game. I'll have talents and skills to back up my routines with a better body. I gained some weight over the last few months.

- My two big trips I am planning this year are to go to Vegas to sarge there for the first time, then to hop over to Japan and Taiwan to do some major asian sarging.

- Yeah. I think thats it for now. I've also been thinking about getting back into religion so I'm not sure how that would affect this all.

- I plan to add a disco ball and some cool things like that to my apartment.