New to this forum, obviously.

Been out of the game for some time now. Last girlfriend I had was 6 years ago and all we did was have sex. I learned absolutely nothing from her, because she was way too easy.

I thought I was pimp for awhile and now I'm 100% sure I am an AFC (average frustrated chump).

I started to learn about PUA Mastery and started to experiment here and there, but they have all ended in failure. Yeah, I'll get a few lucky numbers here, a few dates, but never an f-close (main objective)

I recently made a move on an HB7 that I've been gaming for much longer than I should have and was rejected when I tried to kiss her in my room. I thought I did everything correctly, such as, build kino and etc, but obviously I failed. She said that "she's not ready and has trust issues with guys". Which is complete bullsh1t, however I'm really HAPPY that I was able to experience that.

My mission is to become a PUA Master and get my numbers in at least the double digits. Hopefully, I'll find a keeper in that process.

Thank God for this forum. This place is going to change lives and I hope it changes mine.