-ok..went to a holeNwall bar* last nite (you know gotta keep my FLAVOR funkyNfresh Move Slickly through all type of SOCIAL CIRCLEs freely). well anyways Macking on this HONEY sucking on Her neck/hands rubbin Her legs ..well her B.F. didnt show up kept calling tho....ok the story is this morn i sent a dirty txt 2 her & my guy(who i ran into also havent seen for years) txts me back like MAaaaaN ..hhaa i felt sh*tty. i couldnt do anything but laugh & explained the deal. "hey thought u were that Shorty i was talking to last nite hhhaaa" ( I didnt program the 2#'s in rt away& mixed'em up) he better know Im not gay yo


listening to: Gary Wright "LOVE is ALIVE" on repeat. Funky PLAYER tune