I'm an attractive dude and I've been good with women for a long time but never applied any of the PUA rules to dating. After a recent break up I started to do a little research, I'm half way through reading "The Game" and I've read a few threads on here.

So, lets get to the point. I went Soho House, probably one of the best clubs in Hollywood last night for New Years. This place is beautiful and you can only get in if you have a membership or come with a member... So easy to say the girls there were ridiculously hot, I'm talking models and girls who should be models.

I get there and apply the most basic PUA rules I can remember. Smile, act like you're the life of the party, and NEVER tell a girl that she's beautiful/hot/whatever.

I opened to two pretty hot(but not the cream of the crop) thin Persian girls... I opened with, "this view sucks!" The view was probably the best view in the city. It's 25 floors up on the sunset strip so... it's amazing. I had them eating out of my hand. I had them competeing for me... Both touching me, laughing, ect. I told them not to fight over me and then one suggested to fight for me at my place. Do I have a big bed? No joke! I ended up totally blowing that by the end of the night. I walked away from them to revisit my friend... lost track of them... kissed one at midnight but it didnt pan out. Still got a number. Not a total failure. But that's ok because I ended up getting three other numbers from three other girls that were full on Maxim types.

I just did the basics... neg'd, never gave them the upper hand, cocky/funny(this was my natural goto before I discovered the PUA thing), and I acted as if they were lucky to talk to me and their numbers were mine. I had no idea how effective this stuff is!

What I'd like to learn is how to take it to the next level. Tricks, personality tests, ect. Any suggestions?

Oh and if you need a Wing in Hollywood... I'm your man.