Hey guys.
just thought i would share my story to give you an idea of the positive outcomes you can get from this journey and the direction i took.

What i have noticed a very often, is that not to many guys work on inner game in the community. I'm NOT SAYING YOU. But a lot of the aspiring PUAs in my city that i know personally only go for girls and have no real understanding of themselves. Reading, Review, Organization, Exercise, and Healthy eating are all parts of PUA INNER GAME that will make you a well rounded person. Thats what i truly think this is about. making yourself into who you were meant to be. BUT that doesn't mean stop approaching.

A year and a half ago i weighed 250 pounds and had only one girlfriend that i broke up with because deep down i knew i could do better. Even though she was an HB9 and a dancer. I wanted to change my life around. Relationships were NOT for me. Then i read the game and joined the PUA community.

What helped me the most was actually working on my own self confidence and Just amplifying who i really am.

Now i weigh 180 have a clear understanding on where my life is heading. Through my weight loss i worked on every aspect of my life and ALSO continued to make approaches. Realizing from the start that its very important to go out there and get reference experience day in and day out. so if you are new to the game and wondering all the great things you may get from this. Just remember YOU are in control of your life and its YOU who will change it.

You DONT know success unless you have had failure. LIVE for those blowouts.