Hey all, old guy here. I am 46 so probably a lot older that many of you guys here, but we still need to get out there too you know.
In the middle of a divorce, so I have been out having a lot of fun.

I am still learning a lot of techniques, and have particularly focused on David DeAngelo, who I really enjoy from a much broader picture beyond just dating -- thinking about life as a whole.

I have had lots and lots of success. Currently I have three or four fbs that I see fairly often, and currently have three more lined up. Pretty much all done through internet dating, pretty much always first night lays.

My biggest challenge really is that I feel I should get out and do some non internet pick up (since it is so ridiculously easy), and also I should probably up my standards to go for hotter women.

My biggest personal challenge is breaking up. I tend to accumulate fbs, and just kind of keep them hanging around. I am a nice guy, so I like to give them what they want, but they find it frustrating because there is only so much time in the day.

I need to get better at shutting it down, but it is something I am not good at. It's hard to say no to a girl calling you to come over.

If any of you live in the Chicago area and know of groups of guys, especially older guys, who want to connect on this stuff, I'd love to hear about it.