-ran in2 this Chick i opened month ago (same spot)..i seen HER car parked..all i knew is i was going2get IT..i couldnt think of any line tho my mind went totally f*ckn blank ..@this time part of my mind was telling me just wimp out shes dumb..SO i walked up nose to the sky (didnt kno what else2do) out of nowhere.....her:"HHH HHIIIIIIIIiii--longtime no seeEEEE" (teeth everywhere)...i had look on face like MMMMMaaann get out of here i've been lookin 4 u everyday....HHHaa but didnt tell her. Well i couldnt resist HER HB8 smile so turned2HER ...i asked how NYE went4HER..she said" not much MoM has cancer so was w/her..i told her..my POPs beat cancer 2wice so we VIBEd out 4sec..i cutt it short&got back SEXUAL (her smiles & says im in that same situation as last time (way she was flirtin & in2 me i knew dude wasnt handlN his BIZ still).. i told her hhhheeeyyyy! im not tryin 2 b ur BF i just wanna take u out & mmfkhjhlhjhfk (something happend here i mummbled cause couldnt think..but it came out AWESOME as she Kino'd me) her co-workers everywhere...and she said "..let me think bout that offer"....MMMMaaannn i didnt hound the # ...played it COOL* nxt time we cross paths i bet she has# already wrote DOWN& im smacking it up HHHHaaaaaaa I'll post a pic

::John Hart..."WHO BOOTY" yyyeah im dancing ...hhhahahahahaha!