Firstly, I'd like to say for the last 6 months or so I've been using the old school (and proven) method of getting drunk to get over my anxiety and sometimes get laid, but by a girl of completely random quality I saw mystery's book the pikcup artist at a local bookstore and picked it up, to be honest for the most part it sucked, it had only about 10 pages worth of actual advice and the rest went on about this guys amazing life... but the book led me into finding some old but in depth seminars by Neil Strauss on youtube, so I've filled my mind with tons of pua knowledge.

My first night out I broke up a married couple with the cube routine, so I was out to a great start! (not kidding btw) Afterwards I made a fair few approaches but none were 8s-10s nor were they particularly captivating people.. then I got the balls to approach an 8.5 Zooey Deschanel looking hipster chick with a friend and some guy trying really hard to hit on her my opener was a simple," you guys look like you've got a good artistic taste" with a huge grin. They said thanks and I went on with, "so guys, I'm into writing and I've just started trying to write rap music and I'd like to get some feedback" and I said a few lines of my rap, waited for a response and they said they liked it and honestly that's as far into the conversation that I can remember clearly. The girl seemed really charming I was totally into her but I made sure to play it cool and it seemed to work really well, she gave pretty much all the IOIs I could think of. At one point I told the girl's friend, "that dude is really coming on strong to your friend" and she said,"yeah, he's wasting his time too, she has a boyfriend."

Anyway I walked the friend home and the girl I was into made a point to go a mile out of her way to walk me to my car held hands part of the way too, and before we parted suggested we meet again said I should feel special she doesn't give her number out often and I left without making a move partly because I was nervous and making excuses and partly because I do respect relationships. I wasn't surprised when she never responded cause even though she really seemed into me she had been drinking and had a boyfriend, I got awful butterflies in the stomach waiting for her response which hasn't happened to me in a while which sucked but it was good to know I still have feelings :P

Basically, just wanted to get the excitement of going from unable to approach a woman without being drunk to a couple successful number closes (the other being a hot hooters waitress-neither went anywhere but whatever) just from the knowledge without even putting in much conscious effort.