Hi everyone, first time posting on a forum of any sort, so here goes:

I'm 23, and I have a couple of issues when it comes to getting girls deliberately. My history with girls has been pretty hit or miss. I've dated and/or had one night stands with a few models, as well as having hooked up with a few more hot chicks, and some not so hot ones as well. I have managed to have a 2 year relationship as well with a good looking and cool girl, that ended on good terms.

I have always played sports and lifted weights, I have a law degree from a top law school, I run my own business (pretty successful, in what you might call a 'desirable' sector). Looks-wise, I've been lucky, I am 6'1, in good shape, and been told a lot that I look like Elvis (pre-drugs, I hope). I got asked to model once too. I have done a lot of traveling.

Despite any of that, I really suck at getting girls deliberately. I mean, if a chick is drunk and makes all the big moves, then I don't pussy out or anything, I have no problem taking her home. But, if I actually want to go talk to a girl I see out and about, in a group of friends or at a bar, I suck at getting her to see me as a potential date, or even just as someone she wants to see again as a friend. I get self-conscious about being flirtatious or overtly sexual when there are other people around.

I went to an all boys schools from the age of 8-18, so I really missed out a lot on developing some key skills with women. Whenever I talk to a girl I'm always thinking, do I want to hook up with her, is she getting the wrong idea, is she hot enough etc. I am naturally an introspective person, not the life and soul of the party.

I really just want to develop the skills to be natural around women, and be able to enjoy their company without there being any other motive or anything like that. I am actually pretty confident girls would want to spend time with me, have me as a friend/lover etc, and just enjoy my company. What I really suck at is the just doing it and making it happen part.

Any advice would be gratefully received at this point. Apologies if I came across as a wanker.