Hi puaforms, this is determination, I am a sophomore at an engineering university. After reading the game three years ago I became interested and learned at a very fast pace. Going from a 17 year old virgin to a guy who got laid somewhat regularly 15 months later. After finding this new found skill, I quickly was noticed by girls who I never thought would even want to talk with me.

At the first sight of a girl friend, I took the chance. For any AFCs reading this don't make the mistake I did. (It is okay to turn girls down.) Seven months later, I realized she was crazy and broke up with her, however, my insecurities from my pregame life all began to resurface. I found myself settling well below my normal standards, and entering into a mild depression. (wish I had a time machine to kick my own ass)

This was seven months ago and after studying the game again, I am slowly raising my game back where I'd like it to be, but I am not there yet. Talking to several girls at the same time, the last two weeks I have slept with three different girls I picked up at parties. All HB7+, but I haven't been able to f-close. I am no artist, but with every stroke I become closer to being able to paint.