Thats what i wanted to become after i read the book The Game, who showed me how Mystery and Style became who they were and how they got to be a PUA.

Im about to find out for my self how to approach women and make them want and desire me.

Before i read the book, i was a shy guy, who never had a game and did'nt knew how to approach women, and what flirting ment exatly.

Now im sarging with my friends AP and Leemo this dudes showed me how to be the man women want, they put me in a gym and made me lose 120 Lbs. NOw im the man who's going for it.

But I was still was a (how the PUA society call it) AFC. and i wanted to be a true PUA like style and Mystery. I just want to scratch the surface they where in.

NOw im looking for how to improve my technique, and be the man i want to be, I really love women and enjoy their company and lets be honest, I just want to get loved. I'm looking for THE women of my life.