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    Default PartyViking Introduction

    Hey guys, how is everyone? I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.

    I'm from New Orleans and I'm 27 years old. I can't say when I really got into "the game"...maybe it was when I would try talking to girls to get better at doing so or maybe it was when I bought a book years ago (I was 19) on how to effectively date girls, but not really pick-up. I do recall a friend showing me Neil Strauss's "The Game" a few years ago. I laughed because it looked like a Bible (not that I'm religious). I recently obtained a copy and realized what I have been missing out on.

    As far as studying pickup goes, I guess for about 8 years? I have learned valuable lessons, but I feel as if "true" pick-up can be learned at an accelerated rate by discussing it with other PUAs and even doing after action reviews. I can't really say that I have a preferred method to pickup chicks. I'm mostly myself, but after doing some studying I have found that I use mostly "cocky funny".

    I have several hobbies. I run my own business taking people fishing. It's really fun. I also like shooting and going boat riding. My goals are to improve my ability and confidence to pick up good looking women. I want to be able to look at any woman and know that I have a shot.

    I joined the Marines at an early age and got out shortly after I was old enough to legally drink. I immediately went to work for various private security firms overseas. It was great in that I got to experience a lot and quickly achieve my financial goals. A couple years ago I opened up my own fishing charter. It's pretty cool because I can stay at home (can't get nookie in Afghanistan, right?) and it's something I can openly talk about.

    I don't really have problems meeting girls and farking them. But for every girl I have laid there is one where I royally screwed up. I have sticking points and want to learn how to overcome them. I'm not looking to become a guru, write a book or even master the art of seduction. I just want to improve my game because I love winning "the chase" and getting somey. Who doesn't?
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