Okay, here is my situation. I go to eat lunch with my dad a few days out of every week. One place he frequents has only two waitresses one of which I find attractive and said as much to him one day as we left the restaraunt. Now I did'nt really have any intentions of asking out this waitress about which I know next to nothing however my father being the take charge get things done kind of guy he is took this as a sign and went and asked her out for me(which I personally think is very lame but I could'nt say anything because I knew he only had the best intentions). What he did not take into consideration was that I have a surgery scheduled for wednesday which will have me unable to move for about a week or so, pretty typical of him actually(forgetting what his family is up to not asking women on dates for me). I'm sure I could use this as a perfectly reasonable excuse and bow out of this whole embarrasing fiasco and simply try to forget all of it. But... some part of me sees it as a challenge that must be risen to. I can't run now its like dad has called me out and backing down isnt really my style. So the million dollar question is how do I pull this off with such a small window to make contact and such a large gap in between making contact and actually being able to do anything?