Hi everyone,

This is my first post-- but probably not my last. I am a college student studying business and finance.

A few weeks ago I asked my one-itis on a date to sushi and got rejected. I was sulking back to my dorm room when my housefellow (RA, CA, whatever you want to call him), Sam, asked me why my head was low. I told him I had trouble with girls. He retrieved a bible that turned out to be The Game by Neil Strauss.

I finished the book on my flight to the Dominican Republic for spring break. Immediately seeking more material, I read Mystery Method in one day. Followed by The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem. I am now working on The Art of Seduction. This post is about what happened when I applied my ever growing basin of knowledge about the Venusian Arts.

Start field report:

There were two girls standing at the bar in the discotecca (club). Both were 8s about my age. I though for two seconds to figure out an opener. I approached and opened:

Me: Espaniol?, Francais? English?
Girl 1: English
Me: Finally someone I can talk to!!! Everyone here is either spanish or french and I haven't had social interaction.

They laughed and we talked about that for about 20 seconds when one of them asked me what my name was. This is something I learned, never ask for their name.

Me: [real name]
Alena: I'm Alena and this is Karina
Me: Are you sisters or famous singing duo or something?

They laughed again, I had made the social hook. I gave them the best friend routine. I had just done tequila shots for the first time with my dad an hour earlier and thought they were fun. I asked if they had every done it-- no. So I ordered three [it was an all inclusive so I figured I could order drinks].

Me: So you put some salt right here and then when you are ready for your shot lick the salt. Drink the poison. Then cleanse your mouth with this lime. Cheers to vacation!

*sour faces on the girls face, I laugh playfully at them*

Me: Let's go dance.

I turn around without waiting for their response and start showing off my moves-- haha just kidding, I'm terrible at dancing but was just having fun. Alena comes to the dance for first [I decided to have her as my target]. We group danced for a bit then I took Karina [the obstacle at the time] and started cha-cha dancing with her. Then when Alena felt awkward, I threw Karina's hands out and grabbed Alena's. We danced-- kino-- and escalated to a kiss goodnight.

The next night I came across both of them being flirty with a French guy so I found another set, opened them, dhv--basically building social value. Both Karina and Alena walked over and tried to win me back. So I introduced myself to the French guy (Thomas) and joked around focusing on him and not the girls. Thomas turned out to be a bud. That night the four of us went skinny dipping in the ocean. Thomas made out with Karina and I made out with Alena. The game had worked.

The next night I built comfort with Alena to the point where she broke down crying and talking about her insecurities. Three nights and she was telling me stuff her best friend didn't even know. I acted strong and instead of negging and being cocky funny I related to what she was saying. I excused myself because I had to go to bed early for SCUBA diving in the morning [ that whole night I made an effort to show them that my time was valuable and they would only have me for so long ].

The final night, I isolated Aleena and walked with her, furthering some comfort-- pushing her away every time she tried to kiss me and joking about it. "Haha, you really want to kiss me don't you?", "Sorry I have a girlfriend, and I feel bad about kissing her [obviously joking]", etc. Finally I let her have it when I felt she was starting to lose interest. Then I told her we were in a bad location: too many obstacles could interrupt the C to S phase. I told her we should go to a bathroom, she gave zero resistance.

I'm not going to cut the story here.
B]End field report[/B]

The game worked for me. I have endless materials I want to read in my free time. I will go out and practice opening sets every weekend for the rest of the semester and see where I am by then.

Glad to be in the community! Sorry for the wall of text, hope it helped some of you-- I will also work on writing better ones when they come up in the future.

-Jeremiah Jones