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    Default Clarity of intentions

    Hi all,

    im new to the site and the PUA game, so this is my introductory post.

    this issue just sprang up recently from a girl ive been messaging, our initial contact was on twitter where we chatted occasionally but then we ran into each other randomly in a club so i messaged her;

    me: i only saw you briefly last night, we should hang out some time.
    her: yeah that would be cool haha you can show me around
    me: yeah, im sure i can stretch to that! itd help to book your tour if you gave me your number
    her: haha awesome! here it is 07xxxxxxx

    -- any way this carries on for a few days day or so, with me intentionally being flirty in the texts to avoid being boring. then just before we are about to go for drinks I notice her FB relationship status changes to "in a relationship" (she added me) so i text her saying

    me: just saw you recent changes to facebook hah tbh i wouldn't have asked you to meet me if i knew you were seeing sombody.
    her: i thought it was just friendly :s

    I was under the impression that asking for a number forwardly and making arrangements to meet for drinks with a stranger would be pretty obviously not just a friends thing..

    I suppose my real question is;
    am i not being direct enough?
    was she just naive?
    or is there something else I haven't considered.

    thanks for reading, and if anybody takes enough of an interest to reply hah
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    Default Re: Clarity of intentions

    You got the all seeing eye as avatar. I DON'T LIKE!

    But yeah, going up to people and just asking them out and a number without building anything obviously doesn't work. You didn't know much about her (from what you've typed) and you ask her out. You were fine on the PUA good job but next time get to know the person in place. You might of known if she's seeing someone or not, simple as that.
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