Hi guys,
I am new to PUA, I would class myself as extreme Newbie. I have recently started to pay attention to 'Game' and realised that I need to change to get what I want. Here is what I have done in past few weeks.

I went out for past few weekends regularly to clubs, I was surprised to see that it was easy to talk to girls (This is from a person with zero confidence to talk to girls). Anyway the biggest hurdle that I am facing is that clubs seem awfully noisy and so overcrowded that it is extremely difficult to talk and understand each other. I had to shout to make myself heard and most of the times I did not understood what the girls were saying. I did not really made any inroads into prolonging conversations because of this. Due to the overcrowding it was impossible to keep a girl focused.

Is that the general experience or am I just going to wrong places? Can someone suggest some good places to go to in London?

Thanks guys,