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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    26 year old Filipina here. My friend always used to say that if there are alpha males, there are also alpha females. And my friend was definitely one. So, am here learning the ropes AND also hoping I can share a thing or two about the female psyche (not that women understand fellow women all the time!).

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    Biazza Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello to all...I'm the Biazza. I'm fairly new to the community, but not to picking up women. I've read material of a few PUA's and realized some of the stuff I was already doing...a Natural. I have a little routine I'd like to submit and see how it works for others, but also refine and it make it better. I've tried explaining it to friends, for them its like inventing a perpetual machine!

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    Risque Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey all. I'm 20 and live in Indianapolis for most of the year (I go to school there). I've been a student of the game since my senior year of HS. I go to clubs and parties frequently (when I'm in Ohio), but I'm looking to step it up in Indiana. I would like to meet a wing from the Indianapolis area, or around Dayton, OH.

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    confidence Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello fellow PUAs, my name is Nicholas... I have chosen the name Confidence simply because it is the #1 base foundation that any PUA must have to close the deal. I have a bachelors in Social Psychology, although it mostly is used to help my friends in times of need. It is my passion to make people's lives a little better, we only KNOW that we get 1. Might as well not sit around and dream for a companion when there are 6 billion people on this planet, most of them wanting the same thing. I open my ear to any who are sincere in their quest for companionship or even just a feel better f#ck.

    Carpe Noctum,

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    Roy Hobbs Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    I am 26 years old. My interest in PUA was peaked when I read "The Game" a few months ago. Since then I have tried to find more material (video, forums, PDF, etc.) I have had decent success but would really enjoy seeing a PUA in action, but it does not look like there are in in my area (Dallas). I find the psychology of attraction the most interesting. But getting into girls pants is not bad either. If you are in Dallas let me know.

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    redtwo Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Good Morning All-
    I live outside NYC, talking to women has never been my issue- the issue is I don't create opportunities for myself. I was forever the friend up until 6 months ago. Now that I am no longer the friend I need to turn up the heat and work on my banter- flirting only goes so far. I also have had issues of being too aggressive that can come across as a red flag too

    Red Two is my avatar because he is the XO- Executive Officer- second in command. I have a few friends who I am working with to help go from the girl friend zone to a better life- meeting and keeping interest of women.

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    Charlie-Fonzworth Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys, im 18 and i am a freshman in college, and i just got out of a 2 yr relationship (im still a virgin i didnt want my gf to feel forced into anything we had a great time together looking back i should have banged her totally lol) stumbled upon "The Game" and am very interested in pursing as a PUA anything you have to say to help will be greatly appreciated!

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    sh3pherdd Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    18 year old college student in the dallas / fort worth area

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    OverTheEdge Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey everyone! I hope to learn a lot from you in the coming months and hope to provide some help myself.

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    daimpressor Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Wasup everyone. My name is Sean, im 24 and im from Kitchener, Ontario. I just joined this forum and there's a lot of good information here. About a year ago i read "the game" and thats when i became really interested in the world of PUAs. I had a lot of sh** going on im my life so i really wasn't practicing on my game at all at that time. Now i have a lot more free time on my hands and im ready to take the world (well just the girls in it). HAHAHA. Well i hope to get all the help i can get from everyone here, and I will do my part in helping with whatever i can. Thanks everyone.


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