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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    I think a lot of Britons are here as well. It would be great to go sarging with people from here, especially the mods. We could all use more mentoring anyhow.

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    chrissyblueeyes Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi im chris, 23 from winchester, England.
    Not new to the game, i had alot of success during my younger years. However during the last 3 years or so i have been tied down in 3 separate relationships. I had no difficulty in meeting girls before, however during the last relationship i found myself staying in with her too much and have lost alot of the social skills i had previously. This is extremely frustrating as i know i can do it, iv just lost confidence.
    My mates also don't help, on nights out they get completely battered and are clueless about how to talk to women. If the girl im talking to doesn't warm to some, they become rude, ruining my chances!!!!
    Reading 'The natural art of seduction' at the moment and reading through this site im slowly building confidence back. But i need to put the theory into practise.
    Are there any guys in my vicinity or in southampton that could help me?

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    Loner Guest

    Cool Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Man, I haven't even introduced myself yet and already I feel like I'm home with family. My name is Loner, for irony's sake (girls luv the irony because I'm always sarging at least one girl a week), and I am an upcoming PUA.

    Right now I'm just an AFC who yet can barely keep a cool face infront of girls who are higher than a 9 (hb 9) but I constantly game so one day I can be one of the PUAs who help others, like Bill, Gunsglory, Smash (just to name a few), and everyone else whos been on my thread giving great advice.

    I specialize in comfort and cocky funny and one day hope to find and sarge with the PUAs that got me into the field, and with everyone else! Still in school, its great for making sure I get that job with AMOG type of power, but it cuts down on the gaming and traveling time.

    Other than that I would like to thank Bill for the awesome forum here and plz feel free to give advice / ask advice to / from me! If im not here that means I'm out sarging or working on my inner game so either way I'm always in the field working to better my game!

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    aussie Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    how the bloody hell is ya I am the Aussie , a rare and nearly extinct creature known as the wild australian bush man. I grew up in the Australian outback the oldest of four boys.Didn't really find girls interesting until I turned 16 then you would swear someone hit me with a 4x4 cause women became my sole reason for living .So I packed my bags and headed out to travel Australia chasing women every chance i got . At first I was a bit clumsy but I'm a quick learner and a good listener and after a few hundred slaps my success rate sky rocketed. So with the vixens of Australia broke in , I headed into the Mystical Orient not letting the fact that I couldn't speak the language lol I learnt to use body language and broke the language barrier in leaps and bounds...Now with this new knowledge I have invaded the shores of freedoom known as U.S.A. hey come and become a friend and if ya really nice and a good listener I might let slip a couple of secret these other guys keep to themselves...also come and join me on facebook and meet the worlds best seduction crew ever....

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Good work Aussie. I went to California when I was 17 and couldn't get a drink. Skated and saw some amazing sites but had the ONE back home and god was I sick. Anyways we don't do that will I find the one anymore and now I know why my brother said back then that the only blokes who have birds are frightened of never getting layed again. Different picking up at 17 than it is as an adult and the rewards are soooo much better today.

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    Aero Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    hi, my names Aero, im 18 and live in canada. i basically have no confiedence around women and dont know anything about pickup lines, because of that i've lost way to many potential girlfriends. with luck i hope to get better here, with the community i see, i dont think it'll that hard =)

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    BZE Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    what's up everyone, the name is B and I love the articles and positive vibes. I've been out of the game for a couple of years due to a serious relationship and now I feel like i've lost some style and game, plus I've always been a little shy with approaching the ladies. Reading the post has opened my eyes and I'm feelin this will be a great new year.!! take care ya'll.

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    BurntOut Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here


    Steve from N Ireland, 34,

    I am a Social Artist!
    I am providing attraction, comfort and seduction to women.
    I am a man women desire and they must meet my standards to consider them!

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    Kheaven Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Kevin. (Bakersfield,CA)

    I was introduced to the PUA community in June of '09 by my best friend.
    I'm currently in high school where I have numerous amounts of girls to pick and choose from in order to practice and observe negs, routines, and persona (AMOG/cf)

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    carpetsugar Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    "Hi! My name is Carpet Sugar"

    *Everybody waves*

    "Haaaaai! Carpet Sugar!"

    Ello. I'm 21. Asian. And not telling you my real name :<, except I still think this "Carpet Sugar" word is funny and I am still going behind that. Yes, thats my pic on this post. Probably high on carpet sugar lol.

    I read Neil Strauss's "The Game", Erik Von Markovik's "Mystery Method", halfway through "Nineball" by Jeffy Allen, watched a few of RSD.

    I don't believe I am receiving adequate training on this PUA deal. I live in Reno. And alot of people in Reno are a bunch of meth smoking fugly assed mutants (no offense to the survivors in this death strewn wasteland). And every women i dated before dated me because they felt I am all they had, and it scared the fuck out of me. Which is why I broke up. Again. My 9th ex this year and counting. It's pissing me off.

    Approaches are easy for me. For some reason, saying a "hi" looked adequate enough for most chicks I run into. Which meant it really was no fun at all to fucking say hi at all. If it wasn't a club, they keep on rambling on and blahblahblah and asking me questions, and I am trying to think of a million ways to give answers back that confound them and make me look "mysterious" and interesting.

    I can't tell my autobiography here. Anyways I am passing the mic on

    *Hands the mike to the guy on the right. Or left.*


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