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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Girlwithnoname Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys... I'm Jackie from I run a fitness company and I will be sharing some of my best fitness advice with you guys.

    Girls love guys with a hot body...

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    DevilishGrin Guest

    Cool Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys, Im Bruce here in san diego ca trying to make it happen been studying this stuff for two years now but havent got out and put any work in... Im tired of bsing and am ready to get involved, any guys in southern cal with some field experience who can help me get my feet wet????!!!! Im down for whatever. Holla at your Boy....

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    Sweep Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi everybody.
    I am a high school student, trying to prepare as early as possible for a future career as a PUA. Been following along with the community for 6 months now.

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    Famis Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey fellas, My name is Travis. Im from southern California, im 22 years old, and im a virgin. I have watched and read everything there is. But when i go out to clubs i freeze up. Im hoping to find someone to wing with, that will push me in the right direction. My biggest problem is opening then attraction. When im introduced i have no problem talking to women, but after i talk to them ive got a new friend...yay =(...I feel i could be a wing, and have allot to offer. Its like the saying "those who cant do, teach" i seem to be able to teach game very well.

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    PT-Swagger Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    whut up people

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    BossmanJr. Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi, I am an 18 year old living in Philadelphia whose trying to learn the rules of the game and turn my swag on with some chicks, Going to college in a few months, so I wanna make sure I got game like Iverson before I get there.

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    TeslaCoil Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi guys! My name is Zdravko, I'm 24 and I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm your typical Nice-Guy, Shy-Around-New-People AFC and have recently got out of a 5yr long relationship so no game here. No game whatsoever. I was pretty busy moping around and feeling sorry for myself until my buddy (Loup here on the forum) beat some sense into me, told me about the PUA scene and the "un-naturals" (pretty shocking discovery for me, as I always thought the ability to pick up women was a "God given gift", something you either have or don't), hooked me up with some literature and led me to this place. I've read some stuff and I think I'm starting to get the basics, but now it's time to overcome my fear of approach and stop being a pickup theorist and start having fun. I'm certainly gonna try bombing approaches. I'm guessing I'll probably be crashing and burning a lot at first, so it might as well be on purpose.

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    TheStig Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi Dudes, Im 22 and do ok with girls but never have anything on my armthat im truly proud of. im trying to make that step up but find myself nervous around really attractive girls. B4 i get started i was wondering could somebody show me a thread were it has a list of all the terms such as neg & ioi im kinda lost.


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    Renji Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys,

    I'm Renji,

    I'm 19 and this would be my first post here. I've read up on some stuff about being a PUA before but never really put it into practice.

    I'm definitely in need of some help, and so here I am. Keen to read up and get some tips on how I can overcome my fears and find a girl thats right for me.

    Maybe one day I can run around the world doing this for fun haha

    Cheers guys,


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    vins Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey Im vins,
    I live in Perth.
    Im new to the PUA community and lifestyle but Im learning quick.

    Ive read the game and a couple of other books but I dont regularly practice what I read. Glad to be part of this community


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