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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Encantador Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey everyone. I'm Encantador. I'm a college student in Boston, MA. I'm really trying to get into the game. I've always had some luck with girls but that's all it's been: luck! I want to create the opportunities. I want to learn how to run the playing field. I want to walk into a room or down the street and turn heads - not just lucky occasionally. Someone recommended reading "The Game" so I did and I have not been off the blogs ever since. I want to learn. I want to practice. I want to be great. That's why I'm here. If there is anyone in the Boston area that would want to go out let me know - granted I am definitely a rookie at this point but I want to get out and learn about these things. I look forward to posting, reading, answering and (hopefully) being answered. I guess: "Welcome to the Game" - Encantador

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    lion Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    whats yp every one lion here love sarging ever since i picked up the game my lifes never been the same. Before I go im looking for a wing man to go sarging with email me if interested daygame/night location clifton,nj

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    JawBone Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi everyone,

    I chose the name Jawbone, cause it's a play on words of where I'm from. I'm 27, just got out of a 5 year relationship, in which I never cheated. Now I want to get out and experience just what fun I've been missing out on. I'm not bad with women, but wow, after watching the pickup artist, and reading around on these forums, I see how much more is possible.

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    bonsai Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    What's up people. I'm Bonsai. 20, hailing from my cozy third world country, Paraguay. I consider myself a semi-natural. Got in on the literature about a year ago, maybe more, but was in a LTR. Now I'm done and I'm trying to get back in the field. I'm having low-moderate success. Even though I have grasped all the concepts I still have trouble applying them. I have had my share of success with gorgeous women, but I'm not satisfied. I get very high value girls but each one comes too far apart from the last one. The biggest motivation I've found in the scene is watching Cajun's Keys to the VIP chapter. I can see what's going on and he looks so average that I KNOW that I can do it. Anyway, hope to be helpful to all the ones who may need it and also hope to get some feedback every once in a while.

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey, I'm Champion. I am 19 years old and live in Brisbane - Australia. I've been studying the community for nearly 6 months, and with your help, really look forward to building myself into a more confident, attractive and sociable person.

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    Verbalcody Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Checking in. My name is Cody and I am from a small town (10,000) in Ontario, Canada. Trying to make this work in a town with 95% local girls in the same 3 bars and a shopping center with 11 stores. Good luck to me!

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    Liscio Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello I'm Liscio

    I'm a young, enthusiastic PUA who is relatively new to the pick up society. I'm a keen learner, however I suffer from a case of oneitis and whilst i meet, attract and close numerous women, it's the 'woman' I want the most in which I blow it!

    interested in suggestions and advice on enhancing and developing attraction with women and gaining confidence in social circles where I am exposed to alpha males battling for social supremacy

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    chris60610 Guest

    Default Re: Hi all Chris60610 Chicago

    I'm new here new to the pick up thing, read some stuff but never actualy used the stuff out at the bars.
    I Live in Chicago's Gold coast lot of times to try it, just can't seam to get get out of my shy mode.

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    chris60610 Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi ya All I'm new Live in Chicago (goldcoast) looking for friend PUA's out their 6'1" 44 years old read RJ"s stuff looking for some tips

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    Kutilijus Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys, I am kutis..

    Well to start with, i've got introduced to PUA like 8 months ago or so, and i can say that it has changed my life thoroughly. I overcame my shyness, fear of approaching etc..

    However, not everything goes it should, I believe that this website that i've discovered will help me a lot.


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