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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Doctor Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Greetings gentleman, they call me Doctor. I'd never really been into the PUA way of life until tonight. Sure I had seen Mystery's show on VH1, and have had numerous friends recite passages from "the bible"(The Game) to me, but I've always just used my own techniques to attract women. I've had many women say I'm a good looking guy, and that combined with my cocky and funny sense of humor has carried me throughout my life. However, my perspective of being a PUA changed completely upon going to college. I've been at school for just over one semester and the girls there are nothing much to brag about, 6's at best with a handful of 9's and 10's. I've even had 4's say to my face that before they came to my school they just thought they were unattractive, but now they are becoming cocky in themselves. Many of the guys have zero or even negative game, and will lower their scales tremendously. The problem for me lies within the fact that every 9 and 10 has a group of maybe six or seven guys around them at a time, and I am just unable to pursue such high sets. So, with my prior knowledge from watching Mystery's show, I decided to purchase the bible, and got to Step 5: Isolate the target before I went out. I realized that although I am cocky and funny, I am not Cocky-Funny, because I am either one or the other. So I tried practicing some new openers, and techniques on some less attractive girls, with great results. I hope that I can further elevate my game to the point where I won't be intimidated by large sets with multiple guys and/or AMOGs. I'm also very intrigued by synesthesia and hypnosis, and look forward to learning more on the subject.

    -Doc. Love

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    pleasehelpme Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    I'm 22, new here, and could probably use a lot of help. I'm a great guy (nice, fit, attractive, intelligent) and I think I understand the game in general, but I just can't close for shit.

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    JuanPablo75 Guest

    Smile Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    hi everybody!!!!

    i'm juan pablo ( or john paul if is easy for you , lol, is the same in english) from rosario, a nice city in Argentina , ( great country , bad politics doe, in south america ) i'm 34 yo. work as a teller in a bank, and. well, i'm new here, i discovered by chance the book the game and it was a strong shock, let see, 2 years ago out of nowhere my dad get sick and in a lapse of 30 days, he fall into a coma and die, so i had to endure and at the same time become a pilar of strengh for my mom and my younger sister. 8 month ago, i was on my feets, start to go to buenos aires to study whit some big artist to become one, and my mom had an heart attack... and 4 by pass, again all under a 30 days period,so i quit all my activities and let me almost broke, and emotionally beaten, picture that guys, was like a cruel deja vu. in the middle of that i knew a girl..... i'm not proud but i start to pay for sex ... again, not my best moment, and i meet a girl, a whore... and she play whit me like a mouse, ..... ( if wanna laught,, do it . i do the same lol ) well after hit bottom mind get back on his place, and , like when i need to draw something, i start to look again, carefully andi saw signs.... that tv show, lir to me, about body language.... then i ran the game in a store........

    was kinda waking up after a heavy hangover.....

    i start to search and i was amazed for this community.... and the time that has been existing, here is almost unknown,,.whitch is good for me if i learn well and thats is an issue, my english is good, at least good enough to writte and udnerstad most of the books or videos but is hard when i must translate it and adapted to spanish and whitout the guideline of a mentor or the chance of travle to any bootcamp. less then to buy the stuff that some pua sale in their websites..... so, i hope meet good people here, whit luck some friends who help me to become all that i can be .

    if any of you wants my msn , just ask,


    ps: excuse me if i spell wrong some words, rarely i got the chance to writte or speak english!!!

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    Pharo Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys im 20 from johanesburg south africa, im pretty new to pu probably about 2months, im not bad for a junior but im keen to up my skill level, i number closed a HB9 brunett and i saw her 2day for the first time since the close(day game and a hire gun by the way), she wasnt responding to my kino, i thik i might hav weided her out with my magic but i did get some iois and shes cool to hang out, so do i go out and keep trying kino with her or do i let it go cause i refuse to see the friend zone with a model... any advice?

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    jabu Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi guys, my name is jabu (on here lol). This site is very interesting and thought I just had to get involved. Currently making my way through The Game and enjoying finding out all these new ideas and 'tricks of the trade'. I'm looking forward to finding out more and seeing how it all fits together. Going to read Magic Bullets next, and have already read up on body language etc... it's alot of fun seeing women's reaction to this stuff, I'm really enjoying it now and know I will enjoy it even more the longer I'm learning.

    I'm sure I'll get talking to you's in the future, peace!

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    Mystic Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Sup guys,
    Mystic here. I'm fairly new to the whole PUA community, so let's see how this thing goes. I've never really had trouble talking to women, I'm pretty outgoing naturally.

    I'm sarging when ever I'm out and about; if I see a good looking chick above a 6 I'll start up a conversation and see where it leads. I've done plenty of Bombing runs (thanks Bill for the terminology ) and I find the best thing to do is to laugh about it afterward and say to yourself "hey, I didn't get arrested so things went pretty well!"

    I'm here to absorb as much information as possible and give as much as possible; I'm just that type-a guy.

    Currently reading some random body language books. Going to buy "The Game" as it's got some great reviews. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

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    newbie2thagame Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    hi, just joined because today!

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    thought i would front up to reintroduce myself as i have been active a wee while.

    this site is bloody fantastic and i get a fair bit out of it so long as i hit the pavement and chat up a babe here and there each day. i gotta do the work in the field and this site does a whole lot more than just help me organise my data as i keep working the town...

    start with a small patch of dirt and build your map

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    hyde_1 Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi I'm Hyde from South Africa

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    Tuakmen Guest

    Default Re: Hi Hello, can i ask you something??

    Quote Originally Posted by Spark-C View Post
    Hey Guyz.. I'm 28. Originally from Myanmar, grew up in singapore, currently residing in Brunei.
    I've been in this scene for abt a years plus.. I've tied out various methods, some works some failed. It's all depends on how you deliever them well.. Good Luck in the Art of Picking up..
    hey man, by the way im new to this kind of stuff, need someone improve my game,you said your currently in Brunei Right? so here i am Brunei local need help, im 21 yrs old, i do read some pua books and i need someone has same interest, so i hope reply my message talk you later, peace :P


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