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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Sai Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey guys,

    I just found this forum and I always enjoy exchanging ideas, so it seems like a fun place.

    I'm 22 yrs old with a great confidence since I was baby..

    My journey began when I was in Indonesia,, I joined with a seduction community there..
    I learnt many things from there, started out with routines, approaching as many women as possible, mostly daytime coz I don't have any experiences in night game..

    My problem begins when I came to canada, Montreal..
    the official language are France and English, right now i'm still learning the language..
    eventhough, i'm still approaching the woman even with not the proper opener I usually use,,

    so if anyone here in Canada, Montreal, u can contact me immediately!

    Anyway, happy to be here and hoping to contribute to the forum..

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    Jacamo Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Wuts good Im Jacamo Im 28 I been gaming on instinct all my life im pretty good at it but when I got into social dynamics I noticed a big difference thanx to all the master pua Im more concious now and is way easier to read the signs. Im from Richmond Cali US if thers anybody out there near my zone hit me up to arrange a sarging weekend or sumthing. peace

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    SashaPUA Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey! What’s up playas?

    Hi! I’m Sasha

    I’m from Toronto. I’m 31. I was introduced to pickup in around 1997, soon after I started doing stand up. I ran into a guy called Erik Von Markovic at a stand up show and we became fast friends. We did cold approaches in Toronto, L.A, Vegas. He taught me some slight of hand.

    We lost touch and I left Toronto in 2001 to pursue a career as a stand up comic. I moved to the U.K in 2002 and Didn't do much “gaming” till 2006/2007. (I’d open the occasional set but just got “lucky” here and there from being a comic. So in I ran into a newbie PUA named Cajun in Toronto while on a bus sometime in ’06 or ‘07… this turned out to be a hell of a conversation, because it changed both of our lives forever.

    We were both chatting up girls on the bus and he and his cousin had gotten off at the same stop as me. I was telling him some funny chat up lines I’d come up with, and we exchanged lines/routines. I remember he told me that he was telling me he tells girls “If I wasn’t gay, you would so be mine!” … I told him that was some cheesy shit. Hahahah. The conversation went like this

    Sasha “oh I do some cheesy magic sometimes, check it out” and showed him the tricks Mystery had taught me years before.

    Cajun “Dude, that’s pretty good. Where did you learn that?”

    Sasha “Well, I was friends with this Illusionist slash pickup guy years ago who taught me. “

    Cajun “Do you remember his name?”

    Sasha “Erik Von Markovic”

    Cajun “WHAT!? YOU KNOW MYSTERY???”

    Sasha “uhhh, yea I seem to remember he called himself that”

    Cajun “Are you fucking serious?! He’s famous now! He’s in this bestselling book called the game! I just finished reading it! Are you fucking serious?"

    Sasha “What? What are you TALKING about?? He’s FAMOUS?? Does he have money? That fucker still owes me money!!”

    Cajun “Dude, he’s loaded!!”

    Sasha “Sweet!! I’m going to get PAID!!”

    I read “the game” from my buddy matt and read it, mouth wiiiiiide open. Then I went and read the Venutian arts book. I was very impressed at how far my old friend had come - and kind of pissed off to see that one of the openers I’d come up with was in there but I hadn’t gotten any credit for it. (Bastard!!) :P

    So, turns out Cajun and his cousin lived like around the corner from me. Me and Cajun went out a bunch of times and we had some good times. I emailed Neil Strauss to try and contact mystery – he gave me his email and then I got in touch. We met up and caught up some. Mystery told me about this Laid called the London Seduction Society, I joined up and eventually started posting, I started going out a LOT and really making improvements. I got obsessed with pickup and was doing daygame for hours on end every day... at one point doing 14 hours a day with a guy called Yad. It was pretty nuts - but eventually I started getting results! I've had some amazing things happen to me, really crazy shit... and it seems that it's getting crazier! I’m constantly learning more and am always improving my game. There’s a way to go still – and I am certainly enjoying the journey! I'm at a point now where I don't really go "gaming" ... I just go about my life and approach any girls that I feel like talking to. I've made some amazing friends through all this.... the community has changed my life massively for the better. I appreciate the friends I’ve made through game even more than the skills I’ve picked up with women. Hopefully I'll make some new friends on here too!

    I suppose I'm a great example about how "knowing" about game ain't worth shit. I'd known about it for almost 10 years and I'd hardly done a damn thing. Aye - the sauce is in the DOING, not the knowing.
    So there you go. Them’s my origins…. kinda nutty, huh?

    The end.

    p.s - Oh yeah. If you happen to run into me somewhere - never challenge me to a game of gay chicken. I'm very comfortable with my sexuality...
    I never loose.

    I’ve had a few ties, but I’ve never lost! hehe :P

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    himura786 Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey People

    I'm new to the forum and just about to start my journey in becoming a PUA. Anyone that lives near the Atlanta area is looking to mentor a student in the ways of picking up women. Please message me back, I will greatly appreciate it ...

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    Trouble Guest

    Default Trouble

    Hey guys, my nickname is trouble, I'm in New Hampshire atm. I read The Game by style much like everyone else here I'm curious on the more up to date methods as Neil's book has been out for a while and i'm sure more then a few girls have read it. My total number of girls that I have actually had sex with is one...........pretty bad I know and I'm 21 and already graduated college. Time to get the ball rolling

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    Milessstone Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi, name's Milton and i've heard of Mystery and Style and read The Game as well as a bit of David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating. Nice to meet you all. =D

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi everyone!
    It is my pleasure to be here.

    I'm from Israel and I live in Natania city.

    Nice to meet you all

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Nice to meet you Milton!
    Welcome to the gang ( :

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: Trouble

    Good luck man!
    nice to meet you ( :

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: Introduce Yourself Here

    Nice to meet you man!
    Welcom to the game ( :


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