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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here

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    Zero Guest


    Hey guys name's Zero.I had No FRIGGIN idea this thing actually existed.When I finished reading the book i thought "wait a minute..........ther e's rules for picking up 10's!?!?!"since then I read alot of stuff but not like an ebook junkie.just enough to grasp an overall understanding of this thing.Pretty fresh but nice to meet you guys!!

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    scorpio1105 Guest


    yo wats up im 28,living in orange county, read neils book 2 years ago. Great book but thought it was impractical at first and these guys had a lot of time on there hands, but now just wanted to see it in front of me and see if its still successful, wanted to meet people who are succesful actually using the tips in there. Im usually succesful in chaos, like at a club, dance floor etc, or when a average drunk girl hits on me, but i have no game in set situations or bars or anywhere else, or very little game. Wanted too see if anyone knows of orange county meetup group?

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    Lucky Charms Guest


    Hey I'm Lukcy Charms...I've been in the game for sometime...things have always come natural in many ways when it came to meeting girls..but I want to try and fulfill my I joined this website after reading the game.

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    dolce Guest


    Hi Guys

    I've also recentrly been introduced with the PUA Community. Also read the game and loved it am and eager to learn all kinds of methods. Through a friend I became interested in NLP and am currently reading Ross Jeffries techniques...


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    russruggles Guest


    Hey everyone, I'm Russ. I'm 30, and I live in Chicago.

    I got interested in Pick-Up when I watched the VH1 Show with mystery. I fucking loved that show!

    Anyway, when I was living in San Francisco (which has a brutal dating scene), I used match a bunch; and the competition was so fierce that I devised a set of strategies for online dating. I blog about them at my site, (I'd make a link, but I'm new, so I can't - check out my profile), onlinedatingmatchmak er dot com

    I don't do much physical-space pick-up, but what I've learned from mystery, and my many years of online dating, I apply in my day-to-day situations - which has served me pretty well. I'm looking forward to sharing with and learning from all of you.
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    Maverick Guest


    New guy here 23-m U.S.

    I want help starting me off and i know this is a good first step. im a gl guy but as we ALL know looks only get you so far. I want to be able to go anywhere and get anything I want. Im not saying sexing all the girls, im talking about all the above; business, social skills/value, and obviously women.

    Who can point me the right direction so I know how to get started?

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    Married XPUA is offline Aspiring PUA
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    Hey guys! How is the single life!!!

    Trust me, enjoy it now. Marriage is great, but being single is also amazing.

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    gunsnglory is offline Official PUA Forums Moderator
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    Hey all,
    I really like this forum, so I figured I ought to finally introduce myself.

    My names GunsNGlory or GnG for short. I'm from Washington State.

    I have always had a natural talent with reading people. When I was introduced to PUA community through a VHr show by Mystery about two years ago, all the stuff he was saying really resonated with me. Before I had heard of the PUA, I couldn't understand why all the stuff I knew about women, wasn't understood by people in general.

    I just got out of college. Till recently, I was too busy with school to really get into the PUA lifestyle. I was content to use my skills to make friends rapidly, and pick up a girl friend when I wanted one. Now that I am out, with a job, I am ready to really start working the system!

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    puckscore Guest


    hey guys whats up? I'm puckscore I've been into this stuff for about 2 year just decided to start posting because i have read a ton of this stuff and I have no one to bullshit with about it! I am reading conquer your campus and the way of the superior man right now. I got a bunch of kids interest in this shit at my school whats the best way to start training wings bandit? i agree with aspire how do you find good wings? I'm a visual learner and if i see someone in action i'll pick it up fast.

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    Josh Guest


    Hi im josh, i joined here because i wanted to get some usful tips on chatting up girls. Im currently reading The Game by Neil Strauss, iv already learned tonnes from it


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