I originally joined this forum last year and did 1 thread and left as I was a. Lazy, b. Scared, c. Scared.

This was my original thread which I tried to cover a little bit of who I am and why I want to join the PUA community.

It wouldn't let me paste it here s I think I've "track backed" it?

Well a bit of a update from it..

I'm still a AFC, been hitting the weights though, so I'm getting bigger and I think I look better. I've got rid of my yeti costume (most of it).

The main problem is this girl which I can't stop thinking about - unrequited love sucks man. Sure we've all been there. Well tonight I've sat here on SuicideSunday (booze blues) and had enough. It's not gonna happen, and I need to fark other women to get over her.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and expect to see me poppin up with question and comments in the immediate future, trying to add my two cents in where I can,

Thanks for reading...