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    EIH888 Guest

    Default Pick Up, Martial Arts, Daoism, Business, Rock 'N Roll (round 2 electric boogaloo)

    If you're into Pick Up, Martial Arts, Daoism, Business and Rock 'N Roll you might be interested in a crew me and a buddy are putting together. You can learn more about it at There's an offer up for Laojun Gong qigong system and Thick Black Theory, that's painfully discounted right now [painful for me... not for you hahaha check it out...]

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    andre3 Guest


    what about jui jitsu and muay thai?

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    EIH888 Guest


    Yeah, jiujitsu and muy thai are both kick ass in their respective ways. I'm in Thailand right now actually, going to be doing a lot more muy thai...

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    Dahn Guest


    Im interested in being apart of your crew me I have been doing Baguazhang (Fu Style), Chi Gong, Yi Jin Jing and Northern Seven Star Mantis for the past 5 years. Deff Hav an Intrest in PU as Im trying to improve my game, And I deff embrace the Taoist way of living so there you go perfect for your crew lol.

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