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    Default Diagnosed With an Anxiety Disorder.

    I have heard that even the best PUA's have Approach Anxiety but it is a little bit different when you have been diagnosed will a medical condition. My sticky point with anxiety is not so much on the approach but deals with having genial anxiety during the whole interaction. Currently I am on the correct medications and I am getting treatment through behavioral therapy but it makes playing the game a lot harder. Whether it is day game or night game I will always have this problem.

    I have heard that alcohol hits the same receptors in your brain as anxiety medications. The only difference is that alcohol triggers ALL of the chemicals in your brain where prescribed medications only hit a few. The Mystery Method and Neil Strauss tell you not to drink but I feel like one or two drinks will make it easier as long as you do not depend on it. What are other peoples experience with alcohol and running game?

    Although alcohol can help reduce anxiety my main question is not about that. My disorder does not define me but it does make it more changeling. Can anyone else relate to having a medical condition dealing with anxiety and if so how has it affected your game and what have you done to over come it?

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    Default Re: Diagnosed With an Anxiety Disorder.

    This thread should be in the HEALTH forum, not here. How are other PUAs supposed to benefit from threads in the wrong location?

    I am not a medical professional. I will recommend a few things here that you should take very seriously. Doctors generally have no knowledge about anxiety/depression or any other sort of mental issue. Doctors tend to blindly put you on drugs, when what you really need is therapy and some inner house-keeping.

    I have experimented for years with different ways to overcome depression and anxiety. Here are my life-long findings whored out for you in a simple thread.

    B12 - 1000mcg 1x daily
    B6 - 250mg 1x daily
    B3 Niacin (Nicontic Acid) - 500mg 1-4x daily gradually (Start with a half tablet, maybe)

    Take with food. Forget about multi-vitamins, they don't come close to these dosages. These 3 together will cost under $10 and you will feel amazing.


    Quit jerking off and watching porn for at least 2 weeks. Try for at least a month though. Seriously. Strength, confidence, and energy levels will increase enormously.

    Lots of exercise like cardio and lifting. I recommend kettlebell, running, rowing machine and pullups.

    You are now fixed, congratulations!
    Discovering PUA one step at a time.

    Feel free to disagree with my opinions. I encourage it!

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