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Thread: Hey everybody

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    KillahBeez Guest

    Default Hey everybody

    How's everyone doin? I'm Alex. I'd like to think that I gotta pretty good social life. I'm friends with a lot of people in my school, very few people don't like me, and if they don't it's most likely because they started shit with me and don't like me because I did something about it.

    Anyway I signed up to the forums because I'd say I need a little help with girls. I don't have a problem keepin girls interested ONCE they already start liking me.... for some reason I have a problem GETTIING THE GIRL TO LIKE ME. This seems pretty legit and I'm hopin to gain knowledge and meet some cool people.


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    Dahn Guest


    Hey Killahbeez Im dahn and id lik to welcome you to our place of refuge if u will lol. Its good that you want to gain knowledge on how to be successful in AOS (Art of Seduction) also known as Pick Up. Ill tell you bro u picked the perfect time to start working of yourself if i would have followed your steps back in the day when I was your age I would have deff had a killer Social Circle and my game woulda been Grade A, its good that your searching out others to help you get were you wanna be. Keep at it man and you'll get there.

    Well the first tid bit of knowledge I can impart on you is dont try to hard to make women like you, if you try to hard this will lower your value and make it seem as if your placing her on a pedestal which is not the image you want to convey. Instead build your confidence by just having neutral convo's, and every once in a while insinuate that you are attracted to her this will get her thinking. Continue to build your social circle this is a good way yo build rapport with women and one of the easiest ways to get you noticed. Hopefully this lil bit of knowledge help's out. Ask if you have if more questions and ill try to help as much as poss.

    -Until next time

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    Lucky Charms Guest


    definately agree with Dahn... you should learn what you can and incorporate in ways that work for you,...but the only way is to get out there and give it a shot...and always believe that you are hotter than any girls you will encounter


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