Whats up players?
My name is Russell, I'm new to this site and any pua forum for that matter. I decided to jump on here and make an account so i could track my progress with others.

My game has been basically dead for the past couple years. Too much depression and too much busy life.
I used to club game but i found it was a big waste of time, emotions and most of all money. I don't find meeting girls in my city (calgary) at clubs is that great. Daygame is my main motivation. I have made major improvements on daygame lately, i went from being a stoned faced angry chode who couldn't look women in the eye, to running up to any woman i think is attractive and just being genuinely honest.
I had a couple wings who were just long term friends who were in the same situation. I found that i was more trying to help them then myself but none of them were as motivated as me at the overall outcome of being a master pick up artist.
I find it quite hard to game alone, fark is it hard... no idea why. If i have a wing i can approach anyone and basically have star power like in mario but alone i have a hard time. It would be nice to find a few players here in calgary i can game with.

So now i'm playing this game for myself and i'm here to share my progress and experiences to help anyone in the same situation or in need of advice.
My main purpose to help men who went through what i went through or worse and just overall not good with women.

Well that's all i got. I hope to hear about your stories and experiences and i hope i can help just as well as you can help me.

Remember, always use a condom and only donkey punch her on the third date.