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Thread: Made second post, here is original

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    Default Re: I'm a girl-what is that u guys find difficult in approaching a woman?!

    Quote Originally Posted by christina.lek View Post
    Soooo i'm a girl.! And i can't help but noticing how many times i've seen guys liking a girl but still, won't express it or won't express it good! Guys at bars or pubs checking out women, exchanging smiles and glances and yet won't go talk to her, or even in the closer environment, work etc.

    So what is it that you guys find hard when it comes to getting the girl you want? Where does this process go stuck?
    - I answered what you're question in another thread.
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    -Welcome to the forum once again.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilsting View Post
    Are you trying to become a PUA? LOL, that would be a first.
    What about Tara, Amanda Lyons, Kezia........?
    Quote Originally Posted by sidewinder89 View Post
    Haha it would be so easy, all she'd have to learn is how to say hello and lean forward
    That is just sexist.

    Quote Originally Posted by linking View Post
    Haha not true Iv met some women that rival my game and I love's soo attractive when a woman can flirt and banter properly and really give you a run for your money rather than just sit and look pretty

    Linking x
    The TJR aka 'The Seductress' most likely.

    P.S: @Christina You are most probably the NJI aka 'The Cinderella' or you could be the TJI aka 'The Social Butterfly'.
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    Default Re: I'm a girl-what is that u guys find difficult in approaching a woman?!

    I don't find it surprising that a female wants to get into pickup. My sister actually just went through several terrible run-ins with men, and since then she's been an emotional wreck. She lives two hours away, and she's been driving back and forth nearly every night because she can't sleep. I gave her a usb filled with audiobooks and such that I'm trying to get her to listen to (although I don't think she's done it yet).

    A lot of things that male PUAs study can be used by female PUAs as well. As I have come to learn, men and women have a lot more in common and a lot more that is not in common than we think.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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    Default Re: I'm a girl-what is that u guys find difficult in approaching a woman?!

    This reply is not only to Christina, But to everyone reading this thread.

    The last time I was on this site I was an AFC, and though that was not really that long ago, I have learned a lot. I have been out most days of every week trying and testing different approaches and styles and my eyes have been opened to some interesting things, correcting much of what I initially believed.

    The first is that it isn't "guys" that face aa(Approach Anxiety), Instead it's People in general. Some incredibly naturally sociable and confident types wouldn't have a problem walking right up to someone of the opposite sex and hitting on them, Although I was told by a girl today that whenever a guy does that to her he still masks it with "do you have a cigarette?" or any number of the questions we often hear in that situation.

    There are plenty of female PUAs and Seducers. I have started coaching some of my friends and when the female friends hear about it, they ask me to coach them too. Apparently they get tired of not being approached by guys. Natural I ask them"why don't you approach guys then?" to which the most common response has been "oh my god, I can't do that. I'd get so nervous!" So I am in fact taking on some female students, and am excited to see the dynamic it creates.

    I found that there is different dynamics and social formula in different countries - In England it's not usual to approach a girl in the street, tell her she's cute and that you want to get to know her (my new favorite approach). But apparently in places like France or Finland it's very common (so I hear). So I think it's social climates as opposed to genders that face this issue leading them to become PUAs and seducers.

    Of course none of this is solid fact, it's simply my experiences.

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