Hey what's goin on

Just joined today to see what the community has to offer in terms of pickin up

I landed in the pua community when i clicked an ad for Richard La ruina seminars (or Gambler). I then started searching his material and realized this shit was real. This was a couple weeks back and it did help but i didn't think too much of it

Currently reading the game by neil strauss and got a bit interested and started taking this thing serious

Now i'd like to think i dont have a problem with girls but i do.

Thing is i get girls, I do have a couple partners at the moment. I'm just not where i want to be though in the field. What i mean is I'm getting girls but i'm not getting the girls i want. It's like i've just been getting lucky my whole life because i barely even know what I'm doing right. I wanna pick and choose and be that guy.

Gonna soak up some knowledge and see where i can take it from there