>where you're located
Queensland Brisbane

>your age

>how you got into "the game"
I am interested to learn how to pick up women more successfully

>how long you've been studying and practicing pickup
Like a month or so

>which pickup method(s) you like to use
general i don't have one type really

>what your hobbies/passions are
Cars and all sorts of stuff

>what your goals are
become a more interesting person and learn some new things to say to women

>and whatever back story you wish to share with us.
after a 4 years relationship with my first serious girlfriend we broke up mutually. i felt like i need to get out there. The most surprising thing is i find it hard to find mates who want to go out all the time and generally do stuff that would involve picking up chicks :/ so sarging buddys are welcome

i am ok with talking to girls but i know there are guys here that would make me look like i dont know anything so i am excited to learn.