Hey guys, just want to say big fan of the forum, havent been on for too long, but like what i've read so far.

Kind of hit a low spot in my life, feels like shi*t just isnt working out the way I want it to. I'll try not to rant, but just give you some details about where im starting from. I have a feeling I may know the answers to my own problems, but im hoping other guys have been through the same things, and would like to hear what they did. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction about things to read or any advice at all.

Basically, just got out of a 3 and a half year relationship, sex just wasnt there, (lost attraction), and dumped her after I found out she went on a date with someone else. Got laid off from work recently, so money is tight. Im stuck driving my ex gfs old car (the least manly of all, vw cabrio) because my truck blew up. I feel like I dont look nearly as good as I did 4 years ago. Just been in a funk, and looking to change the way things are going. Not sure if now is the right time to throw myself out there, or whether i should try to and concentrate on other things.

If anyone has been there before, all advice is welcome.