I've already written a few posts but I thought I'd make an intro so people know what I'm about. Basically I found about this stuff when an ex girlfriend that I'm still friends with bought me "The Game" after I told her about the problems I've been having with girls flaking out on me. I was interested in evolutionary phycology even before reading this so it did pique my curiosity plus unlike most of the random stuff I get interested in it actually could have practical applications. I bought the mystery method and have been watching a lot of stuff on YouTube about it since then.

Although there are some things I would not be comfortable doing to my surprise a lot of the stuff doesn't involve being sleazy or pretending to be someone you're not so I plan to try some of the stuff out.

I've had a number of girlfriends in the past and I'm not looking to sleep with every girl on earth just seeing if this stuff will increase my options. So for you guys that have been doing it for a while how has it worked for you?