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Thread: Just joined, hello

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    Default Just joined, hello

    I joined here for info initially, but then was told I have to post, so thought I may as well say hi!

    Came out of an 8 year relationship 7 weeks ago and have been working out and reading on here in preparation for the next chapter . I've never picked up women at all. the two long term relationships I've had were with women I had met through friends and work respectively. last night went out on the town for a friend's birthday last night. Absolutely not looking for anything. Didn't drink too much though, just in case

    Just throwing shapes with my buddies in the club and a group of MILFs got close. For about 30 minutes the most attractive of them appeared to be eyeing me up and trying to get closer. But seeing as I wasn't looking for anything, am not well practiced, I just ignored for about 20 minutes. Didn't really feel she would be wanting me, bearing in mind how attractive some of my buddies are. I gave in and glanced over a few times and she was totally looking. We made eye contact a few more times and then she got within super proximity of me.

    At this point even I couldn't miss the signals and so I placed one hand on her hip and we ground for a few seconds. She turned and we danced some more and I put both hands on her hips. K-close and more dancing, grinding. We went to get some water as it was so damn hot and went away from the dance floor for a bit. She asked me for my number so we traded. Has some more K and then she had to leave with her friends.

    I didn't pursue anything further as I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to close properly. I saw this as a bit of a freebie as I she did all the work and I was fairly useless. Whilst we were talking she said that she thought I was moody because I didn't smile etc. I didn't really realise I did this. So I know I need to not only make eye contact, but smile as well. I also need to pay more attention to the women around me, as she was eyeing me up for ages beforehand. Next time that would be a missed opportunity. I need to work on my confidence and believe that women do want me. On a plus note, my Alpha routine seems to be naturally ok, although I think it could be seen as being stuck up.

    Success anyway. And hello everyone, great forum!

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    Default Re: Just joined, hello

    New people are always welcome. And you're doing great. Taking it step by step is important. Many guys rush this cause they want a quick fix. Then when they realize there is no magic pill and that they actually have to put in effort they give up. So you're off to a great start. Take it one day at a time my friend. Again, welcome.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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