hi everyone
im benji im 22 male and just basically starting my adventure. i was with my ex fiance for 6 years with a few month breaks which resulting in me getting quite a few girls this time not so good.

i have been reading up on pua quite a bit and looking back on my previous relationship i was to giving and not harsh enough i think and let her walk over me i think we have all been there done that and im ready to brush her over and have some fun

the tricky part i have an anxiety disorder which i cover up pretty good when i go out in the past 6 months of single life i have got 3 phone numbers, kissed two girls and slept with one girl not to bad but feel i dont attract girls easy and im doing something wrong

i would say im average looking person have a gym fit body, eat healthy due to other medical problems (im a walking time bomb lol) i dress in style and i would say im confident but not quite yet confident to approach random girl in a club. reading alot today my body language is all wrong, and being honest im being a mug saying to girls ill buy them drinks maybe be a little tougher and i think i come over as maybe to strong and get friend zone

well ill leave it at that hopefully learn alot and starting picking up girls hope to speak to you all soon