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    Default Need Help with Girl BDay Party coming in a Month.

    So There's this girl that I used to work with, but I no longer work for that company anymore. I've try to ask her out before and gotten the response of "I've just gotten out of a 4years relationship"..whate ver. So after I left my old job we remain in contact. Anyway a few weeks ago I received a text from her to a mini-golf challenge where the winner would receive a prize(nothing kinky). I told her that I'm sorry for missing the challenges, and she reply that she send it out to alot of ppls because they require her to do that in the game to reach a new level.

    Now her birthday is coming up and I decided to try to game her again this weekend. I intend to text her using the GunsandGlory ultimate text guide. I will also work the mini-golf challenges into the text game as a way to tease her. I'm pretty sure I would be invite to the party.

    My problems is that I'm not good in real-life, specially in large groups of party. Any good advice for conversation topics in group, or routine.

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    Default Re: Need Help with Girl BDay Party coming in a Month.

    Dude, you need to forget about her and your feelings in a large social situation. You have the disease called oneitis .

    You need to work on your game first.

    Go talk to other girls and get comfortable in a social gathering. MOST of us have been there. I have been there when I was in my mid teens. Learn the game and you will learn how to get almost any girl girl you want.

    Whatever you decide to do just make sure that you don't look NEEDY or DESPERATE for female company. Don't be an AFC.

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