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Thread: Yo Bros

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    Default Yo Bros

    Gentlemen, I hope to learn a lot from you all.

    It's really been quite a while since I first discovered the game (~2 years), and while I've improved with women and socially tons in that time, I'm slightly disappointed with myself that I still haven't yet grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak.

    I'm slowly realising and beginning to admit that the problem at the core preventing me from working harder is likely inadequate inner game. It finally hit home yesterday that I have a limiting belief: I don't think I'm capable of closing/banging a HB. Finally realising this in the midst of receiving many IOIs over the period of several hours, I couldn't believe how ridiculous it was. Time to grow some balls from here on out I reckon.

    Things are gonna change though. In the last few months at my university a few other lads and I put together a lair of sorts. Hopefully this means regular sarging and plenty of opportunity to get infield experience. My lack of a reliable and similar wing up until now has been what's prevented me from working on this solidly from the start.

    So looking to work harder, I'll try to chime in with your discussions on here!


    P.S I just found out about them planning a movie of The Game. Think it could be a double edged sword for the whole community....

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    Default Re: Yo Bros

    Time to confront your other limiting belief; that you can't find women unless you have wingmen to help! Youll never have a perfect situation or perfect timing, so go get em! Inner game really is such a huge part of it. Good to hear you are taking necessary steps.

    Good luck!

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