Hi guys,

I am a young adult who has been single for over a year now, and it stinks. I am someone who prefers to have a gf, and having only had one real relationship (1 year long), makes me crave for more. I am confident around women, especially HB6-7s, and don't mind hooking up with them. My 'standards' for beauty are not too high, I really care about personality though. I do hook up on a rare basis (say 3 times a year), but my current problem is finding interesting people in Milan who actually speak English!

Since I am gonna live here for another couple of months, and only speak basic Italian, I decided to run around some areas in the night where people hang out, and introduce myself. Running routines is hard, because most Italians only speak basic English, so you really get stuck on comfort building. Moreover, (you might think I'm an ass for saying it and don't believe me) the girls here are really one-sided and boring. They are very closed and very emotional when you try to delve deeper into their problems. Really no gf material here.

So I decided to stroll around the forums to maybe find a couple of threads that revolve around meeting people with whom it might be hard to have a good conversation with. I'm also interested to see how many Europeans apart from UK-ers are in this forum, since from what I've seen so far, this forum is filled with US and UK people.

All in all, I am excited to see what this forum has to offer! I read 'The Game' and watched some Mystery shows online, so I wish to see if there are any more routines and methods that I might incorporate in my usual game. Cheers.