Hi Don't want to bore you too much with my history. I feel away from a bunch of guys I used to go drinking with. I don't want to go into particulars but, in regards to the content of this forum, one of them was that they were married/in relationships and was only interested in all day drinking sessions in pubs that sold cheap booze (you know the ones full of old drunks) and when there was any decent woman about, I was too drunk due to the binge drinking to do anything. Another thing was that their easy going nature and love of binge drinking and other things that was happening in my life, I went from somebody who had moderate success with woman to somebody who enjoyed looking into a pint glass all night. Anyway, since them I have been happy doing my own thing but recently I have been seriously getting into keeping fit and watching what I eat and drink (I still like the occasional pint or two with work colleagues) but I have stayed off the beer and with my exercise and diet routine, I feel good and more importantly look good which I have noticed is getting me attention from woman (I don't think it is boasting to say I am a good looking guy and never been that out of shape but do suffer from low self esteem so when woman did give me the look I had thought to myself I wonder what she is looking at). I have been went out on to a few times to pubs and clubs and while I had enjoyed, I was only going out to get drunk but with one last week, I watched what I was drinking and with this new found confidence around woman, I realised I really need to do something about picking up woman. Hopefully I can pick up a few tips here to help me.