I met this girl about a year ago. I gamed her for like two weeks, had sex, the next day I text her, no answer, and she was gone for months.
About 2 months ago she found me on Facebook and she friend requested me, so I accepted. She message me and was apologizing for disappearing. It was a stupid decision she made, she said. Ok I forgive her, but I didn't make this easy, I had her work for this. She really wanted to see me, so I invited her over. She came, brought movies, we ate dinner and had sex a few times through out the night. This continue for about three weeks. She would spend the night through out the week. The sex was incredible for both of us. I really started to like this girl. She wanted me to meet her friends, so we went out a few times. I met her friends, we all got along great. She said they really like me and she doesn't do that often.

2 weeks ago, Wednesday night, she spend the night, we have sex and cuddle. It was like perfect. Thursday morning she gave me a kiss and left.
Saturday, I texted her at like 3pm " Come over I want to tie you to my bed"
She replied " U r crazy"
I responded with " I prefer weird or excentric, but I am definitely not mundane and I am proud of it, it's a lot more fun" No respond.
So I text her back a few hours later "If your too busy, do you want to hang out another day?"
Then she replied " I guess...im going to a party tonight.."
So I said "Hey no biggie... catch you another time.."

She wasn't being responsive. So I began my Freeze Out for one week. I didn't hear from her after 7 days so I reinitiated contact but played it cool. I didn't want her to think I was sulking So I text her " Babe, What are you doing? "
Her " Getting some food with friends" I'm happy because she responded at this point atleast.
And then she says " U haven't called me in like 2 weeks..." (It was actually one week, but I didn't say anything)
I text her back and said "I've been really busy with school and work." No respond....
I text her "Stop being such a baby...I didn't do anything wrong." No respond.

So get this, After no response on Saturday, I decided to freeze her out once again. This time my plan was not to call her period. And so Sunday went by no call and now today I get a text from her and she says "Do you always talk to people that way? I never said that you did anything wrong" 2 days later she responds lol smh whatever
Just what I wanted. My plan was to not text her back and make her work for this a little. Again, she text me and said "Btw I miss your sexy lips "
I haven't responded yet. Is this chick playing games with me? I think I should wait to see if she tries one more time to contact me in the next few days, so she can feel what I felt when I was missing her and she never responded to my text...right? How do you guys think I should respond if she tries again to reinitiate contact ?