I have been interested in PUA material since I was a young teen, now I'm 27, and in a much better position to exploit game.

I used game to get each one of my long term girlfriends up to this point.

Now, as of a week ago, I'm single again and I'm staying the FUUUUUUUUUUUCK away from LTR and just gonna go bang bang bang!

I don't like canned game, too forced. If you don't have the repertoire of information to hold up a good conversation, well then click open a new tab, go to google, AND LEARN ABOUT SHIT TO TALK TO! Have experiences and anecdotes. LIVE BABY LIVE!!!!!

Example, I just got back from an alligator hunt. Killed myself some shoes. The shoes will be ready in about 10 months, but the shoes I was wearing during the hunt have a big gator blood stain on them. How fun it is to take those shoes in and ask the hot shoe sales lady if she has anything that removes ALLIGATOR BLOOD from Nubuck.

Look forward to checking out what this forum has to offer, and possibly teach some of what I know