Good day everyone

To put it short I am looking for wingmen. Preferably in their 20s and 30s who are full of energy, have their life together, ambitious and passionate about mastering picking up gorgeous women.

I would like us to have the best time of our lives. And I mean it! We can became good friends and brothers in arms by encouraging and helping each other to improve our game, learning from each other and also honestly critiquing and pointing out weaknesses in our approaches. It's all in or hands, we can make our lives exciting and filled with beautiful women or we can leave everything to a chance and settle for less than we deserve.

About me: I am a 26 years old. New addition to Houston. I would like to think that I my conversational skills and sense of humor are pretty decent, which also unsurprisingly tend to improve with the moderate dosage of alcohol. Honestly, I am not quite a PUA (yet), but I think that I have what it takes to get there and I am willing to take on the journey with like minded people.

So write me whoever is interested and let's get this started and let's start planning our first night!!!