Hey guys. Let me start off by saying that I've been an active member playing this game for years. I have never posted to any PUA Forums, even though I've gone through everyone one and read through thousands and thousands of threads and sticky's and spent endless hours educating myself through in field experience.

I've never really had the urge to disclose any of my stories or my personal game until now.

My name is Christopher. I go by 'Columbus' because I've spent my entire 20's traveling the world. Right out of high school I went on tour with a pop punk band. Saw all of the U.S. and met lots of great American girls. The band eventually started doing label showcases and we even got some songs on MTV. Shortly after things were picking up, we broke up and I packed a bag and bought a one way ticket to Colombia.

My adventures took me all over the globe. I've roasted marshmallows over lava at the summit of an active volcano; hiked bat caves; hiked pyramids in Egypt; lived in the jungle.. Like straight jungle; and even sailed the Caribbean! While traveling, I've volunteered at numerous organizations around the globe and helped out with: protecting endangered sea turtles in Nicaragua; helping disabled children in Guatemala; Indian island restoration in Panama etc. on all those travels I've met thousands of ethnically diverse woman ranging from a plethora of different cultures and classes (both socially and economically).

I just turned 30 and the game has evolved so much in the last decade... For me at least. It went from actively sleeping with hundreds of girls in my early to mid 20's to sleeping with very few and select girls near my late 20's.

Being a psych major, I always felt like I had an advantage. Like I was going into a knife fight with a machine gun. I would target girls with single women parents(daddy issues; Either hugged too much or not enough = Same result), girls with self esteem issues (whenever you see a girl take a selfie, it's pretty much an invitation), girls with insecurities (bright hair dyes and facial piercings). But by doing this, I'm only perpetuating the problems with these girls. Im not helping them bring out the best in themselves, instead Im praying on their weaknesses. I don't want that anymore. I want genuine mutual chemistry. I've had my heart broken more than once playing this game and my ever growing conscience guilts me hard whenever I lead a girl on emotionally just to get physical.

I'm not biased towards age differences, and I know they're are plenty of mature young women, but my personal preference on maturity generally tends to reside amongst older girls. Older girls who have heard most of the game I've been preaching and spitting for years. I've been objectifying woman for so long, that readjusting to equal counterparts after switching to natural pick up was extremely difficult. A whole new learning curve. A learning curve that I haven't quite mastered just yet.

So I decided to start posting on this site because I've gone through changes and re evaluated a few things in my life. All of my friends and family are getting married and having kids and what not. I've realized that I am starting to want that more and more.

I'm guessing I will post more stories and experiences than questions here, but thanks in advance for any help or advise you may pass onto me when I get into a SNAFU and need some texting advice (the weakest part of my game). This is a really dope and close knit community that's always been more than accepting and I'm glad to officially be a part of it.