Hey, my name is Alex I'm 24 and I currently go to fiu and I live in Miami. I got into all this way back in 07 when that PUA show aired on VH1. I bought both books, Mystery's and neil strauss's book and thought I'd give it a go. I tried talking to a girl, tired using the stuff I had learned but ultimately I failed. But from that failure a great deal of many lessons was learned and on top of that, some, not all yet but some of the anxiety has vanished. Since graduating in 08, to be honest its been pretty pathetic. I feel like I've had chances with some girls and I've either not taken them, like the pu$$y that I sometimes am, or I did take them but things just didn't work out. I would either fail during the text msg part or in some other area that needed more attention. For instance, now I'm currently trying to start something with some girl who clearly showed some sign of interest but now for some apparent reason she keeps avoiding me and to be honest, it feels like sh$t. I'm sick of feeling bad and like sh$t. I know I can do better. I know that I can do this. I just need to break these walls once and for all.

That is why I'm looking to find a group of guys. Preferably non douch guys. I want nerds, helpless romantics, the guys who have been told constantly no, guys who want to change this problem and become better socially with women and just finally be really confident. I truly believe that together we can achieve this. I've talked to girls alone and sometimes with some friends and let me tell you, with true guy friends around for some reason you become more daring.

I am in no way an expert nor a coach. I'm still scared sh%tless. I am a student and am willing to pass on what I've either personally or secondary learned and want to continue learning from others.

So if you attend fiu or live nearby and want to get together and try something out then reply to me here.