I'm mo3mo310 I am a new member I had a friend who been on this, to make long story short, I'm 24 I remember about 3 years ago I read mystery method book! that helped me get the girl of my dreams whom till this day im still heartbroken from although I dumped her 8 times and i can get her whenever i want but its just my pride! after her I been with over 40 girls in the past 2 years for some reason after I experienced my first love! girls were easier to get most of them i got them by telling them my story btw me and my ex! recently as I'm getting older! older girls wouldn't want to hear my ex and I story! I'm kinda lacking my game I am Moroccan so I'm not white I realize certain game has to do with the person's race! I look very hispanic! im about 5'9 which is bad I'm very goodlooking face wise but as I gotten older I dont have the charm like I used to! before I would be very outgoing with energy now I calmed down a lot! I really need a new stragedy from a person who experienced what I am going through! maybe I need to just get back and read those books! lately I don't even approach unless I'm super drunk but I do get some fine girls! I live by the disney area where there are so many college interns that work for disney they change every 6 months or a year which is awesome most of them girls I had sex with left I currently have 1 girl shes ok cute face no body! i did get her using some of my game but thats cuz shes not all that tbh I really want to do that on a 9 or 10 but when I do most of the time it dont work for example this girl was like you will never have sex with me I remember in bed shes saying that my look was like eeehh never say never I was so confident and not giving a sh1t! I wish I can do that with an 8 or 9 or 10 when they tell me that you can tell I'm affects and its like they feel I am so even if i pretend I'm not its like women do sense it! which was written somewhere I forgot but women do sense it! I'm sure a lot will understand me! this is for guys 22 and up who been there so I hope we can discuss it and work on it together!