Welcome, gentlemen!

I am really fortunate to be part of this community. My name is mr.OliverKing and I am sure you will hear a lot more about me.

I started my journey by moving to Montreal. I was 16 years old when it happened. I knew about community back than and I found topic about pick up really fascinating. I was really passionate about it.

When I turned 18, I joined Montreal lair, founded by Clifford. In a sense I was extremely lucky, because it opened doors for me to meet and go out with all of the top guys in the industry.

I had a lot of great moments meeting different people, pushing myself out of comfort zone, and becoming the best what I can possibly be. For me, life is about conquering and achieving personal goals. I am really thankful to my mentors Zan Perrion, Steve P, and Clifford. Those guys made a huge difference in my life. Now it's a time for me to give back to community.

- mr.OliverKing