Hi Guys,

Totally new to all of this. So I'm a 30 year old bloke born and raised here in Liverpool and desperately wanting to broaden my horizons and options when it comes to dating.

I left my physically and emotionally abusive ex, who I have two gorgeous kids with, about a year ago and have really gone through the mill. I'm recovering nicely, off of anti depressants, eating more healthily, hitting the gym regularly and trying to get back into meaningful employment, spending time with my kids etc and really want to start dating again. Only this time around I'd like a lot more options and to not have to settle for whatever comes my way.

I spent my late teens and most of my single twenties heavily into the Rock and Metal scene, I still love the music but its mainly full of kids now and has always been very limited here in what it has to offer. Not to mention my tastes in women have changed dramatically.

So yeah, I'm here for knowledge... When I can go out, hopefully for Wingmen (most of my buddies are all settled down with kids and stuff) and also to make contacts and hopefully some new friends.

Cheers for reading,