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Thread: Greetings! Former ol school PUA

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    Default Greetings! Former ol school PUA

    Hi Everyone! Just introducing myself This is the second PUA forum I joined this evening.I have been out of the game awhile and am not sure which forum is for me yet.This Site looks Boss though...... A Little about me.
    I have been out of the game for awhile.
    I used to be in the Tampa/Orlando Players lair back in 04-05. My game was good. No problem with the ladies. I even tried to mentor some of the slower learners but some guys have a shitty attitude and refuse to do what I feel are necessary things like getting in shape and grooming but would bitch they are not getting anywhere and would always puss out when it was their to turn approach when sarging as we called it then. .
    I met a great lady and for a few years was off the market. I had a few problems and lost my Physique and my confidence mostly due to drugs. I got my shit back to together and am back in the gym. Using my natural good natured attitude and humor I work there now at the front desk. Goddamn its the proverbial birds nest on the ground. farkin hotties galore as the college is close by. I am here for a few reasons.
    I need my game to be back on 100%.MY body is ok But I have put on weight and have a gut so thats priority 1. 2. My confidence is good but do to the way I look it's shaky at times I can open and talk no prob, its closing and just how I feel about how I look that shuts me down.
    My last gf I pulled was 17 years my jr so I still got it, just not like I want.
    The first time I sought out and joined a lair was to educate myself on how to meet and date women. I did that Now I am back to regain what I lost and hopefully meet some like minded guys.

    Last thing and the big one. I have one chick I cannot close and it is farking killing me. I used everything I knew and had her giving me massages,cooking for me, the whole 9 yards but I cant seal the deal.
    So I am here for all the reasons above. I need professional help.
    I am in the 21701 zip code for anyone who may be near by.

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    Default Re: Greetings! Former ol school PUA

    Welcome to the site! You'll get a lot of support here. I strongly suggest looking for a wingman in the Find a Wingman section. It's the only true way to get better. Message TomInVegas. Sounds like you guys have similar stories. He's 45; I'm 25, and he's my wing. He picks up lots of chicks that are a lot younger than him too, so he may be a good resource. Good luck!
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