Hello folks. I'll just introduce myself briefly (I hope). I'm 26, from Manchester (England). At 25, I realised I needed to change. I was a hardcore AFC who has been single since the age of 16. After so long I realised that they really don't want the "nice guys" but the guys who they think can provide (I feel like I'm preaching to the choir).

So I started surfing the web looking for answers and fell on a group that wants to claim the "rightful role for men". I forgot what the website was but it certainly wasn't PUA and it didn't work for me. Through the criticism of PUA on their site and the difference they compare in their doctrine, I decided to look into PUA and found out that it was exactly the stuff I was looking for.

I've been reading up on a lot of stuff on this forum and others. It has only been less than 3 months since I started and I can already see the difference. I feel like this monster being unleashed. After a lot of reading and watching videos from guys like Adam Lyons, Gambler, Mystery etc. I decided to start out slowly at my work place.

Recently I got a supervisory role in our large department store that recently hired a lot of Christmas temps that I look after on the tills. My role and my fun reputation granted me considerable social proof. Gamed every woman I could find. The confidence boost was climbing incredibly fast from flirting at the workplace to sexting from a former colleague who I haven't spoken to in 2 years.

Fast forward to today, at the work Christmas party and with all girls vying for my attention I felt great. A feeling that is new to me for the AFC I've been all my life. I grinded with anybody that threw an IOI at me with no rejections. K-closed an HB9 who was being hounded by 6 other guys. To which they came and cockblocked me (I didn't care because the logistics were farked).

The one HB8 I really wanted, friendzoned me hard. She had a boyfriend but she wanted the D that night and I wanted her. I made one major mistake. Even though I gamed her 2 weeks prior and I got her to talking about herself and then suddenly mentions her bf and how she doesn't like him and so forth. All night she went for every other guy except me.

When she got rejected by one of the managers, she was outside crying so I found her and isolated her away from the rest about 50 metres away in a different street. In hindsight, I should have made my move then. Instead I decided to listen to her problems. Part of me wants to grab her at the next night shift we have together and tell her what I wanted to say that night and what I wanted to do. I live and learn.

If you read this whole thing. Cheers